Small Class Size


The University of North Texas (UNT) defines a small class as:

  • undergraduate-level credit class with fewer than 12 registrations,
  • graduate-level credit class with fewer than seven registrations, and
  • combined undergraduate and graduate level classes with fewer than 12 registrations.

These defintions apply to organized classes whereby the primary mode of instruction is lecture, laboratory, or seminar.  Special problems, theses and dissertation enrollment, private lessons, etc. are excluded from these requirements.

Approval Process:

Decisions to offer courses below the minimum are determined at the college/school level and should be made with careful consideration (i.e.., program requirements, student demand, and financial accountability). Please note the decision to offer a small class is the exception not the rule.  Deans must approve low enrollment classes no later than the close of the 4thclass day during the fall/spring term or 2nd class day during the summer term to allow enough time for students to be placed in another class.  The chair must submit a written justification to the dean for final approval.  The dean should maintain a record of any exceptions.  Listed below are some reasons a department may justify a low enrollment course:

  • Required course for graduation (This course is not offered each semester or term, and if canceled, may affect date of graduation of those enrolled.)
  • Required course for majors in this field and should be completed this semester (or term) to keep proper sequences in courses
  • Course in newly established degree program, concentration, or support area
  • Cross-listed courses taught as a single class by the same faculty at the same location, provided that the combined courses do not constitute a small class
  • First time offering of the course
  • Class size limited by accreditation or state licensing standards
  • Class size limited by availability of laboratory or clinical facilities
  • Voluntarily offered by a faculty member in excess of the institutional teaching load requirements and for which the faculty member receives no additional compensation (faculty is teaching course as an overload).

Small Class Reports:

The Office of the Registrar maintains a daily reporting of small classes  The password protected site allows quick access for academic administrators to review enrollment reports (class listing, class compare, off campus, etc.).  For specific questions on these enrollment reports, please contact the registrar's office at x4617.

*Definition of Small Class Sizes (THECB).  The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board defines small class sizes as undergraduate level organized classes with less than 10 registrations and graduate level classes with less than five registrations.