Creating New Degrees

New Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs must have administrative approval initiated by the Request for UNT Planning Authority (VPAA-182) accompanied by statements addressing THECB Standards for Degree Programs (Standards for Degree Programs). Once administrative approval is received, curriculum committees (UCC or Graduate Council) approve the specific curriculum. New Doctoral Programs require the submission of the Request for UNT Planning Authority (VPAA -182). Once planning approval is granted by the provost, substantial justification needs to be developed in conjunction with Institutional Research. Once administrative approval is received, the Graduate Council must approve the specific curriculum.

Please note that VPAA-182 form requires the signature of the provost at two separate stages. The initial signature of the provost (after dean approval and before University Accreditation) indicates approval to plan a new program. The second signature of the provost (after UUCC/GC review and before Board of Regents review) indicates university support to start a new program (pending BOR/SACS/THECB approval). Due to the many factors involved in creating a new degree, please be advised that the planning authority process can take anywhere from 9 months to a few years. With that in mind, providing a comprehensive VPAA-182 form at least 9 months prior to the intended program’s start date tends to make the process move along in an efficient manner.

Creating New Degree Programs at UNT: Required Steps and Timing Implications